No need to shuffle around the dance
floor Previous dance

experience is not required, all couples are welcome, any style of wedding we will make the dance work for your needs and requirements, 

Learn with your own choice of song,

Make your 1st dance look amazing,

Its great fun learning our simple or

more advanced dance styles.


Dance Lessons For Your Wedding

When you take to the dance floor as newlyweds, it should be your BEST. DANCE. EVER. To ensure your spotlight moment runs smoothly, we create bespoke first wedding dances to any song you choose. Every dance we create is carefully tailored to suit your ability, song and natural style. You only have one first dance as a married couple and we will make sure you feel amazing on the dance floor, leaving your guests wanting more!

If you have never danced before or have two left feet, it doesn't matter at all. Our wedding dance teachers know exactly how to get the best out of you, making you look and feel your very best on the dance floor.  We know life is busy, so lessons are scheduled to suit you. 

We know the thought of everyone watching you dance, wanting to be entertained by your moves and loved-up-ness,  It's perfectly normal to be anxious about doing something you've never done, in front of everyone you know. That's why our lessons focus on building confidence and feeling comfortable on the dance floor, as well as learning dance steps. Some couples want a simple, classic dance, full of confidence and without awkwardness. Others couples want a show stopping dance extravaganza their guests will never forget. During your wedding dancing lessons, your ideas or visions will be nurtured, to ensure you get the wedding dance you wanted. If you are a blank canvas, in need of our expert guidance, that's no problem at all.

More than ever before, your wedding dance can be anything you want it to be. It's incredibly exciting but also a little overwhelming - which is where we come in. We are here here to teach, guide and support you every dance step of the way

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